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Marilynn Seits: Contact

Please fill in your name and email address and any questions or comments that you have for me. Thanks. Marilynn
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Jazz Pianist / Composer / MIDI Arranging/ Specific help for vocalists:

Marilynn Seits CMR Inc. Studio Services
  • ~ Marilynn has composed the music for several CD albums of both jazz and New Age music.
  • ~ She has recorded the music of one of her composition students.
  • ~ She has helped students and clients to make beautiful arrangements out of their musical ideas.
  • ~ Marilynn has developed a twelve point plan to help vocalists gain confidence and security before an audience or a recording mic.
  • ~ The twelve point plan is custom tailered to each individual voice.

Piano Music for Parties & Events: Solo, Duo, Trio: jazz, standards, pop, Broadway...

Marilynn Seits Marilynn Seits Music
  • Asheville, NC
  • 561-719-4106
  • ~ Marilynn is available solo, duo with bass or guitar and trio with bass and guitar or drums.
  • ~ She has recorded several jazz and New Age CDs, three of them due out this Fall.


Marilynn teaches all levels, both jazz & classical piano, voice & general music:

Piano, music & composition lessons. M Seits Music
  • Learn to read music & improvise;
  • Learn to put your own chords to popular songs;
  • Learn how to do MIDI recordings using Logic Audio;
  • Record something every lesson, save it as an MP3 for your iPod;
  • Work towards an annual goal of at least one CD of your own playing or compositions.
Vocal coaching: learn your correct keys, compile your song list, learn how to scat, trade 4s, improvise w/ a pro jazz pianist...
Expert coaching for entrance auditions for shows or special music schools and colleges...

CDs & Demo recordings

New Age Music CD’s for Massage, Yoga, Reiki, Spas & Relaxation:

Moongate Music Moongate Music Inc.
  • Asheville, NC
  • 561 719 4106

M Seits Publishing: A BMI Publisher:

We have published over 120 songs for seven different composers. M Seits Publishing, BMI
  • BMI tracks radio play of your music and sends out quarterly royalty statements.
  • 561-719-4106

Digital audio editing / MIDI arranging / demo recordings:

Marilynn Seits CMR Inc Recording Studio Services
  • ~ Logic Pro 7 audio recording & editing program; iMAC computer; Kutzweil PC 88 MX keyboard; Neuman mics ~ ~
  • ~ We "cut" music for ice skaters, dressage riders, for modeling shows, transfer LPs to CD ~ ~
  • ~ Record your demo on my Bosendorfer piano with Neuman mics ~ ~
  • ~ For studio details & list of past clients go to and go to studio page ~ ~
  • 347-427-6880
  • 561-719-4106 cell

Graphics & directions

CD graphics / ads / recording, mixing, mastering / bass tracks:

Sean McAusland - Cyban Productions CMR Inc. Studio Services/Cyban Productions
  • Asheville, NC
  • 561 719 7482 - 347 427 6880
  • ~ Sean can do recording & mixing in Logic Express.
  • ~ He can master your tracks with Peak Pro softwear.
  • ~ He can also add killer bass tracks to your music.
Directions to M Seits Music M Seits Music & Creative Music
  • 54 Eastview Ave
  • Asheville, NC 28803
  • Off Fairview Rd between Oakley and Sweeten Creek