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Marilynn Seits: MP3s

Coral by Keith Jarrett

(Marilynn Seits)
May 1, 2000
Keith Jarrett
This is a little tiny piece that says more in a few bars than most composers say in hundreds - I could play on it for hours.
This is from Marilynn's solo jazz piano CD Karmic Tribute. Keith has been in my piano god trio since I heard him play solo piano at Avery Fisher Hall in the early 1970's as part of the Newport Jazz Festival. He was not the mainliner - Dizzy Gillespie was - and by the time Keith came out on stage to play, people were already leaving the theater. I was almost out the balcony door when he started playing and I ran back in and sat down along with most of the rest of the audience who hadn't heard him before. I was hooked and have since taken buses, trains and planes to all kinds of places to hear him play the piano. My favorite place to hear him is Carnegie Hall because of the acoustics.