Searching for a great piano in the Asheville area....

I was recently asked to help a friend find a suitable piano for him to buy. He wanted a certain size, color and finish and brand and I was afraid that there would't be much choice in the Asheville, NC area since it's not a major population center. And all my previous piano purchases were done in New York City where there were a ton of choices so I was spoiled. And I found, much to my surprise, that there are a lot of piano stores and individuals selling pianos in this area and some of the instruments were really top of the line and amazing. 

After a few days of pre-selecting on the internet (thank god for the internet!) we narrowed the choices down and I went to two different cities to play several of them. Then my friend went back and tried 3 of them himself and the search has been narrowed down to two really wonderful pianos, perfect in size, price, color and quality of sound. Once he's made up his mind and made the purchase, we will be posting photos here and on Face Book. It's been a really enjoyable experience. 

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