CD Baby review of Dragon & Phoenix...   Dawn ★★★★★    Lovely. Just the thing I was looking for to use in my new massage therapy business. Love it.    CD Baby reviews of Silk Road... Michelle ★★★★★   peaceful, relaxing, wonderfully harmonizing I enjoyed Meditations Along the Silk Road so much I bought extra copies to share with others. My clients and friends, both, enjoy its tranquil melodies. Perfect for bodywork sessions!   S. Baron ★★★★     Excellent! Wonderful melodies - peaceful and flowing. Perfect for massage. I've recommended it!    CD BABY review of FEATHERTOUCH   Denise in Texas ★★★★   Great CD for massage. This is a good CD for massage. I like to have a variety of music to offer when I give massages. This is a nice addition to my collection.  ” - CD Baby customers...

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All Music Guide Editorial review: Threads of Violet Light - Marilynn Seits was quite possibly the most underrated new age composer out there at the time of this release. Her work was some of the finest and most original that the genre had seen in a while, but for some reason her work was often neglected. Marilynn Seits' Threads of Violet Light is just as good as her work that came before it, but it's most reminiscent of Meditations Along the Silk Road, which was not only an excellent recording, it was possibly one of the best recordings that the new age genre yielded. From the perspective of the writer, there's really only one complaint, and it goes across the board, particularly with new age -- and that's that sometimes less is more; the use of a sound group known as General MIDI often plays a large role in new age music, and particularly in Marilynn Seits work. Over the years General MIDI has begun to sound more and more real, but when it's placed in the beauty of her melodies and the beautiful timbre of the piano, which may be General MIDI as well, the novelty of the synthetic sounds somehow cheapens the overall compositional integrity. It's easy to get around, especially to the lay listener, but that's one thing that has made this reviewer's ears perk up. With Threads of Violet Light, Marilynn Seits has created an excellently contemplative recording, one that sounds good and that can endure. Great work! ~ Matt Borghi, All Music Guide” - Matt Borghi

All Music Guide

All Music Guide Editorial review: Karmic Tribute by Marilynn Seits: Sadly, it is easy for musicians to become pigeonholed. If an artist becomes known for one style of music, some marketing people will do everything they can to discourage him/her from trying anything else. But thankfully, Marilynn Seits doesn't feel the need to shackle herself to one genre 100% of the time. The pianist has done some interesting things in the new age field, but that doesn't prevent her from successfully embracing straight-ahead acoustic jazz on Karmic Tribute. The CD's title might give some people the impression that this is an album of modal or avant-garde jazz with strong Middle Eastern or Indian leanings -- something you would expect from Pharoah Sanders or Yusef Lateef. But in fact, Karmic Tribute is a collection of very inside piano jazz along the lines of Bill Evans, Keith Jarrett, and Marian McPartland. Playing unaccompanied solo piano, Seits pays tribute to a variety of fellow pianists, who range from Evans on "Time Remembered," Jarrett on "Coral," and Chick Corea on "Tones for Joan's Bones," to Charles Mingus on "Orange Was the Color of Her Dress," Carla Bley on "Ups and Downs," and Billy Strayhorn on "Lush Life." Not everything on Karmic Tribute was written by a pianist; "Falling Grace" and "Arise Her Eyes," for example, are by bassist Steve Swallow -- someone Bley has worked with extensively. But the compositions of pianists are the main focus of this CD, illustrating Seits' ability to step outside of new age and provide introspective, pensive jazz. ~ Alex Henderson, All Music Guide” - Alex Henderson

All Music Guide: Karmic Tribute

Bill Meredith of the Palm Beach Post picked RAINED OUT by Marilynn Seits and The Vibrations Jazz Ensemble as the #1 Jazz CD in South Florida for 2008 -- Best jazz CD "Marilynn Seits Vibrations Jazz Ensemble, Rained Out (CMR). Before she moved to New York City, Wellington pianist Seits ( recorded this ECM Records-influenced set with sons Sean McAusland (bass, now living in North Carolina) and Andy McAusland (guitar, still living locally). The pianist shows touch and humor on her own originals (RMN, Popcorn), plus those by son Andy (Boss Bull, Here Come the Germans). Drummers Rod Parker and Sy Pryweller pace an otherwise highly musical family affair.” - Bill Meredith: Rained Out #1 for 2008!

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MARILYNN SEITS & THE VIBRATIONS JAZZ ENSEMBLE AT SUNFEST, WEST PALM BEACH Playing with the Vibrations Jazz Ensemble on the Florida Crystals Stage was but one of three sets that Wellington keyboardist Marilynn Seits played at SunFest over a two-day span. Ranging fom jazz standards to blues classics (and also featuring her two sons, guitarist Andy McAusland and bassist Sean McAusland), the group was contrasted by Seits' preceding performance with the traditional Gold Coast Dance Band (noon May 4 at the same stage), and directly afterward with saxophonist Ray Oram's Mostly Jazz Ensemble (2 p.m. May 5th, also at the same stage). The Ray Oram Jazz Ensemble is an octet playing the original West Coast classic jazz arrangements by such composers as Gerry Mulligan, Miles Davis and Benny Golson. The Ensemble features Ray Oram on Tenor, Sid Parker on alto, Don Cale on bari, Tommy Smith on trumpet, Peter D'Argent on t-bone, Sonny Rose on drums, Linc Lackey on bass and Marilynn Seits on piano.” - Bill Meredith: Vibrations Jazz Ensemble at Sunfest

— Palm Beach Post

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ GEORGE DUKE, STANLEY CLARKE COMBINE FUSION & FUNK - MARILYNN'S 10 MINUTES OF FAME JAMMING W/ THEM By Bill Meredith Special to The Palm Beach Post Monday, April 11, 2005 Bassist Stanley Clarke and keyboardist/vocalist George Duke have taken different career routes for 40 years, yet always found common ground in the process. Clarke was a charter member of Chick Corea's seminal jazz/fusion band Return To Forever in the early 1970s, while Duke toured and recorded with satirist Frank Zappa. At the Carefree Theatre Saturday, the two blended the understated R&B funkiness of their duo recordings with the over-the-top soloing flair that made them disparate fusion heroes... A short acoustic set proved no less playful. Duke teased the audience by singing and playing the intro to Zappa's complex Inca Roads at the grand piano... The curious encores proved anticlimactic, and the duo invited guests onstage. A couple of attending bassists; three dancers, and several keyboardists later, and the Carefree crowd was having a karaoke moment... But Wellington keyboardist MARILYNN SEITS stepped up and salvaged the finale with her solo, as her knowledge of harmony clearly impressed a beaming Duke, the rest of the band, and the crowd. It was a lighthearted coda that helped avoid a fadeout by Clarke, 53, and Duke, 59, two musicians who help each other refuse to act their age.” - Bill Meredith: Marilynn Seits sits in w/ Stanley Clarke & George Duke

— Palm Beach Post

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ THREADS OF VIOLET LIGHT IS A MAGICAL ELIXIR FOR RELAXATION & MEDITATION. Composer, pianist and keyboard artist Marilynn Seits has gifted us with THREADS OF VIOLET LIGHT, an exquisite album of deeply relaxing ambient music. Perfect for spa environments and other therapeutic venues, the long, peaceful tones and gently sparkling melodies transport listeners into heavenly worlds of delicious bliss. Since ancient times the color violet has been closely associated with springtime, healing and rebirth. A color of high spiritual vibration, violet often is a potent choice meditation. Violet also is the color of the crown chakra, the thread by which we are connected to spirit. Because the crown chakra is connected to the musical key of B, Seits uses that key extensively throughout THREADS OF VIOLET LIGHT. A truly gifted, multitalented artist, Seits composed, arranged, performed on keyboards, recorded, mixed and mastered all of the serene, profoundly nurturing music on the album. The ten tracks comprise just over an hour of music, making for a delightful adjunct to massage, reiki and other gentle healing modalities. THREADS OF VIOLET LIGHT is a magical elixir for relaxation and meditation.” - Steve Ryals: Threads of Violet Light

— New Age Retailer

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ...artist Marilynn Seits experiments with a range of sounds and creates soft, ambient and melodic music. She has specifically crafted this CD for use with yoga, reiki, meditation, massage therapy and chakra healing. This 65 minute recording features sounds that represent freely flowing breath and healing energy...” - "Voices in the Light"

— Massage & Bodywork Magazine